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Monday, April 11th, a man was arrested at Amsterdam airport confirming the   warns of the terrorist cell be organized in the Netherlands. On March 31st, 2016 I wrote an alert for Holland , #UK and USA. On April 08th, 5 suspects  were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorist acts. Four were arrested in Birmingham, the fifth at London’s Gatwick Airport, police said.

Follow the alert and the link of CNN Portuguese and #ENGLISH

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 Astrological Footprint by ‪#‎ClaudiaVannini‬
31 de Março,2016 – March, 31st – ‪#‎LUA‬ em Capricórnio – ‪#‎Terrorism‬ Alert #UK #USA and #Holland
The #Moon in Capricorn brings daily rigidity and isolation. Pluto is in Capricorn increasing the tension in personal and business relationships. The stock exchanges may disappoint. Mercury and Uranus are also in Aries. These 4 in disharmony generate bursts of humor and strong debates. Uranus and Pluto generate instability necessary for the relationship to be resolved by excessive sincerity. It is an explosion of feelings through words. How can we deal? It is a day of introspection, reflection on our conduct and analysis of reactive behavior. Do we always have to react?
May we just observe?
Do we always have to have an opinion formed?
May we have doubts? Can we just BE?
The Universe calls for changes and the human being is a challenge when perfection models are imposed. Who enforces the model is perfect? Then you already have the answer to human imperfection in adventure that is Planet Earth.
Be happy on Earth and spread your happiness as it is.
NAMASTE _ / \ _


#CONFIRMAÇÃO DO #BURACODEMINHOCA que sinalizou desde o ano passado a localização dos terroristas após os ataques contra a França. Estão em #Amsterdam ainda, local seguro e discreto para que possam fazer as conexões sem tanta pressão policial. ClaudiaVannini #meditação #precognição
#CONFIRMATION of the #WORMHOLE by #CLAUDIAVANNI Terrorists continue in #Amsterdam because it is safety and they can control all the actions.
On November, 17th, 2015 I wrote here:
And I continue to ADVICE: go and find the group planning the new attacks in USA. They are based in #Amsterdam now.
Follow the previsions: Confirmação do ‪#‎buracodeminhoca‬ de 14/Dez/2015 8h43 GMT-04 No texto em inglês em 14 DEZ , citei que eles teriam migrado de Paris para #Amsterdam, voltado para Bélgica e Paris e mudado os planos, organizando ataques nos centros econômicos importantes como são os bancos Credit Suisse, Cantonal Bank e UBS. Enquanto isso, os pequenos ataques nos USA seriam apenas para disfarçar o plano maior, que era a entrada de armas e munição pela #França, fato avisado aqui no dia em que estavam cruzando as fronteiras com as armas e agora, sabe-se que com gases tóxicos
Directly from the ‪#‎wormhole‬ by ‪#‎claudiavannini‬
Dec, 14th, 8h43 GMT-04
The new targets for actions planned by terror are cities with the large global investment banks The actions in the USA were only to disguise the biggest action that has been alerted here. After #Paris, the primary group moved to #Amsterdam for planning, returned to #Belgium while waiting arms and they separated.
and the action of the police today, APRIL, 13th, 2016:

#CONFIRMATION of WORMHOLE DEC,02,2015 – Holland is the place where the terrorists were by CLAUDIAVANNINI

‪#‎CONFIRMAÇÃO‬ DO ‪#‎BURACODEMINHOCA‬ de 02/12/2015 em que a‪#‎HOLANDA‬ foi mostrada como local de esconderijo do grupo de terroristas belgas. Citei várias vezes, depois dessa data que, após a França, eles migraram para Bélgica e Holanda e que não estavam mais na Bélgica. A Holanda foi o local que citei como refúgio e hoje, a polícia Belga revela que o suicida do ataque em Bruxelas foi DEPORTADO para a HOLANDA. Ibrahim el-Bakraoui solicitou que fosse enviado à Holanda e lá passou a ser um condenado comum em liberdade condicional, como cita a Reuters. Segue o link para confirmação. NAMASTE_/\_…/turquia-lanca-sal-nas-feridas-d…
‪#‎CONFIRMATION‬ of the ‪#‎WORMHOLE‬ by ‪#‎CLAUDIAVANNINI‬ made on DEC,2nd,2015.
” Holland remains the target of the spiritual mentors, then something must be there. The question is to search the holes in the Underground as was said here in the past.” ClaudiaVannini
El Bakraoui had been deported from Turkey to ‪#‎HOLLAND‬ only once, contradicting assertions by Turkey’s government. He even asked to be extradited to Holland and there began to live as a condemned man conditionally released. In short, walked freely all this time in Holland.…/us-brussels-blast-list-idUSKCN0WQ2…