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‪#‎confirmação‬ da previsão 19 de Agosto ‪#‎confirmation‬ of foresight through ‪#‎wormhole‬ by ClaudiaVannini.

WORMHOLE by CLAUDIAVANNINI#‎confirmação‬ da previsão 19 de Agosto. Nada mais surpreendente do que o abandono de uma campanha presidencial na reta final, Foi o que ocorreu hoje em
US quando Paul Manafort demitiu-se da organização da campanha de Trump. Releia a ‪#‎previsão‬:”Às 3h55PM, o cenário complica. Pode vir uma notícia alarmante ou um comunicado que surpreende. Mudanças ocorrem porque Plutão e Lua criam o clima para transformar ou destruir uma relação comercial ou pessoal. Tudo que ocorre nesse dia vem ampliado pela Lua Cheia. Para a ‪#‎política‬, economia e empresas o cenário é confuso. ”
‪#‎confirmation‬ of foresight through ‪#‎wormhole‬ by ClaudiaVannini. Let´s remember what I wrote yesterday afternoon ” At 6h55PM, the scenario complicates. You can see an alarming news or a statement that ‪#‎surprises‬. Changes occur because Pluto and Moon create the climate to transform or‪#‎destroy‬ a business or personal relationship. Everything that happens on this day is magnified by the full moon. For ‪#‎political‬, economic and business this scenario is confusing. So do not invent anything new and don’t move because the full moon can cause a big profit or a scary injury.”

#CONFIRMATION of foresight through #WORMHOLE by ClaudiaVannini TERRORISM ALERT

#CONFIRMAÇÃO da #PREVISÃO publicada em 20 de Maio,2016 para o dia 21 de MAIO,2016
Pegada Astrológica por ClaudiaVannini
20 de maio às 18:31 ·
Pegada Astrológica por ClaudiaVannini – 21 de Maio, 2016
‘A tensão cresce após as 17hs Brasil e há riscos de violência e terrorismo pelo mundo.”

#CONFIRMATION of foresight through #WORMHOLE by ClaudiaVannini published on May,20th
“The tension grows after 8PM GMT and there are risks of violence and terrorism around the world.”


Monday, April 11th, a man was arrested at Amsterdam airport confirming the   warns of the terrorist cell be organized in the Netherlands. On March 31st, 2016 I wrote an alert for Holland , #UK and USA. On April 08th, 5 suspects  were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorist acts. Four were arrested in Birmingham, the fifth at London’s Gatwick Airport, police said.

Follow the alert and the link of CNN Portuguese and #ENGLISH

Publicado por Claudia Vannini · 30 de março às 22:11 · 
 Astrological Footprint by ‪#‎ClaudiaVannini‬
31 de Março,2016 – March, 31st – ‪#‎LUA‬ em Capricórnio – ‪#‎Terrorism‬ Alert #UK #USA and #Holland
The #Moon in Capricorn brings daily rigidity and isolation. Pluto is in Capricorn increasing the tension in personal and business relationships. The stock exchanges may disappoint. Mercury and Uranus are also in Aries. These 4 in disharmony generate bursts of humor and strong debates. Uranus and Pluto generate instability necessary for the relationship to be resolved by excessive sincerity. It is an explosion of feelings through words. How can we deal? It is a day of introspection, reflection on our conduct and analysis of reactive behavior. Do we always have to react?
May we just observe?
Do we always have to have an opinion formed?
May we have doubts? Can we just BE?
The Universe calls for changes and the human being is a challenge when perfection models are imposed. Who enforces the model is perfect? Then you already have the answer to human imperfection in adventure that is Planet Earth.
Be happy on Earth and spread your happiness as it is.
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