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Astrological Footprint – October,24th and THE WEEK by @ClaudiaVannini

october24th balsamic moon.jpg

#MONDAY, 24th, day to get up early. The week is good and promises achievements. At 7h40AM GMT things begins to shake. Uranus and the Moon in the Fire element facilitate courage for decisions. Businesses that were where at a stand still start moving and bosses make decisions. Finally, the answers appear in the form of contracts. They are coming from Saturn benefits, which was also quite fueled by Sun in Leo in the morning. Moon and Mercury also guarantee good deals and the icing on the cake is Mercury’s entry into Scorpio. The mind is deep, analytical and perceptive that brings ideas from other dimensions and resolutions until 12th of November. Put your mind to work and meditate for a much better way to get the right influences and think right. All are benefited for love during the day and morning of 25th. Signs in a good mood Monday #scorpio #cancer #virgo #CAPRICORN #leo #aries #libra and #GEMINI – #TUESDAY, 25th, is flustered. Neptune complicates your professional and personal relationships and you can see that love is more than being loved. Keep calm, what’s fair will take place at the right time. – #WEDNESDAY, 26th, Jupiter appears and returns to repair what was lost yesterday. Learn to forgive and let life flow. Businesses grow and commerce can live good times as well as the world’s stock exchanges. Alert of violence from  Noon on 26th of October until 8AM GMT on 27th October. – #THURSDAY, 27th, Sun and Mercury  together in Scorpio, perfect day to expand, seek new knowledge and grow in some sector of your life. Join your team and make the projects for the New Moon on the 30th, but keep the focus on what is feasible. Jupiter leads to exaggerations. Keep your feet on the ground. – #FRIDAY, 28th, healing personal wars with Kiron and Mars. Is Balsamic Moon, a day to abandon the past, accepting divorce, break ups, shutdowns and looking to the future. Resistance is futile. Let go. The stock exchanges may wane. Enjoy this time to wipe a few more pounds and start your list for the New Moon on the 30th of October. This month we had two new moons, two opportunities to start. – #SATURDAY, the 29th, 40 past Noon is the right time to sign solid contracts.Be happy on earth, save water and food.NAMASTE _ / \ _email pegadaastrologica@gmail.com