#CONFIRMATION of foresight through #WORMHOLE about US election Trump x Clinton by @ClaudiaVannini


#CONFIRMATION of foresight through #WORMHOLE by ClaudiaVannini
on October,25th,2016. I made a foresight on April and Trump was the winner. On October, 25th, talking with friends on Facebook they asked me:
“-ClaudiaVannini, who will win? Hillary or Trump?
Claudia answers:
– I was thinking about it and probably I made a mistake on April or June, don´t remember the date I published, but I saw TRUMP as a winner, but if Hillary wins, she will be like our President in Brazil, DilmaRouseff, she will fall (by impeachment)
-Please, make a copy of this chat because I didn´t publish this foresight”. Claudia asked Rafael Bessa to print the chat.
And Rafael Bessa made the copy for us. Thanks Rafael Bessa, let´s continue to do #wormholes through chats. NAMASTE
follow the confirmation:



CHAT on FACEBOOK October, 25th,2016 with @ClaudiaVannini @RafaelBessasignature and @heleninhapacheco 

*Claudia Vannini is apolitical


#CONFIRMAÇÃO do #BURACODEMINHOCA não publicado aqui, mas debatido numa conversa entre amigos sobre a eleição Americana com Rafael Bessa e HeleninhaHeleninha Pacheco. Em 25 de Outubro,2016,
7 dias atrás, bem antes dos escândalos que ecoaram negativamente na campanha de Clinton, comentei que no Buraco de Minhoca que fiz lá no passado, Trump era eleito, mas se caso houvesse mudança, Clinton seria como Dilma, passaria pelo impeachment. Hoje, 01 de Novembro,2016 aparece a possibilidade dela sofrer impeachment se for eleita. Segue a confirmação na CNN http://edition.cnn.com/…/gary-johnson-clinton-im…/index.html

*ClaudiaVanini é apolítica


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