Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini Special Daddy’s Day- August 14th, 2016

august14thSunday begins well with the Moon well positioned in Capricorn. It’s stability, security and firmness of the earth element. It is the great power of the Moon and big decisions. Some tensions already dissolved and all goes well until 5PM GMT. At that moment, Neptune and Venus are opposing each other. Affective relationships can enter the mists or critical overused. Parents and children are spared this confrontation. The biggest dispute occurs between couples and lovers. How can we deal? 

Project on your Father, him  being on Earth or not, your gratitude for the gift of #life. Just this. Even if he is distant or unknown, doesn’t matter. Gratitude for the gift of life is enough to neutralize astral and karmic disputes. The heart that exudes pure love contaminates everyone. Be that heart. Couples should try flexibility in views for the day to be enjoyable. Alcohol and drugs do not mix with Neptune, so the ideal for Sunday is to celebrate differently. Signs in a good mood today #Scorpio #Aries #Gemini #Pisces #Cancer #Taurus

Congratulations to all the parents in all forms NAMASTE _ / \ _ 


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