Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini – June, 29th – WANING MOON IN TAURUS

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini – June, 29th
Since April we are fighting without the help of Mars. The warrior planet was in retrograde movement and actions on Earth were slow, almost stopped. Today it comes back to the natural movement and provides encouragement and courage. Mars gives energy to go ahead, move forward with our troops, our team or even alone. We feel this energy increase each day, giving support to overcome the crisis. The  Moon in Taurus wipes financial expenses. Perfect time to arrange finances, ask #loans with lower rates and renegotiate #debts. Good time to #diets and hair removal.  At Midnight GMT, Mercury enters Cancer.  The communications are calmer and emotions help understanding. Listen with your heart and everything will be fine. Remember that Mars only moves when you propose to walk with him.  Good business and luck to all #signs.
Be happy on Earth
NAMASTE _ / \ _
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