Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini – June, 25th
A very good Saturday with good moments until Midnight. The #Moon in Pisces creates daydreams and it`s well connected with Venus. The relationships are facilitated and, despite the global turmoil on Friday, agreements begin to happen behind the scenes. Europe will not be dissolved and this climate of abandonment will be done by Sunday. Note that some strong events occur because the Great Mother, the Moon, the QUEEN, is in the 12th house, the karmic house. It may sound strange, but when we look at CHIRON and its good connection with Mars these days, we can see a cure for future wars. Saturn in Sagittarius marks the aspect that we saw today, breaking what doesn`t work. For some it was working, but after the American elections, it might be a complete disaster to have the world divided into blocs. The stampede should end there, speculation will come, especially after Saturday`s Midnight. Don`t go into the illusions of Moon and Neptune after this time. There is a sense of confusion, natural when these two come together in Pisces. The most important is to look at the long term. On Sunday, June 26th, we will have the #best day of the week. Jupiter and Pluto will bring  expansion with transformation. During this moment a lot of money will migrate to #Asia and, on Monday, we wake up in a new world. Take note: On 26th of June,  9h30PM GMT, Moon, Mars and Chiron will bring a new point of view about what happened on the 24th.  Meanwhile, live your weekend with confidence, avoiding debates and controversies. Get involved with art, music, cinema, theater and everything that makes your heart dream.
All the signs are in a good mood today.
Be happy on Earth and enjoy the cycles of change in the Adventure Planet
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