JAN,18th- WAXING #MOON – World Market – #terrorism by #CLAUDIAVANNINI

January 18th,2016 – WAXING  Moon in Taurus
Long-term investments and security in financial transactions are the best for this week. The moment isn´t good for short-term exchanges. Taurus needs #earth  element and  metals, #gold and land continue to be a good option.. Today, Neptune comes with its ideals and Mars with the strength to carry them out. It is a day  to conquer something that was desired and dreamed. Take this  energy and believe in your goals, searching them through actions and not fantasies. Move around and Mars will begin to act. If you stay only dreaming, Mars will  stagnate and you will lose the opportunity. The week is very good with awful predictions for Friday. Knowing this, start a containment plan to avoid conflicts and dramas that will echo on 22. Organize what is needed, avoid meetings for Friday and adopt the meditator posture that creates harmonic vibratory links in the environment. Terrorism can occur between 20th  and 21st, with peak already in the early hours of  January,20th. Through a  #wormhole, there is movement in Turkey, bordering Iraq. The  #signs in high even for the labor market are
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