Confirmation of the foresight  The LAST QUARTER of 2015 by  #claudiavannini for Europe, Dubai, Asia, Middle East and Us-Canada
I am really sorry, I made the foresight, went to the #wormhole on Sep,4th and adviced here many times about Paris and Belgium. Read and see: we can have another attack on December. So, let´s build this magnetic field, using the eyes of all mediuns around the world, to write about what we see and to don´t have fear to publish. We can stop this together, the mentors are trying to connect all time with us and give the informations we need to solve the problems on Syria and to stop this War around Europe. Our behavior can change the kharma we cultivate. Here follows the original prediction sent to London and then edited and published in the eluxemagazine number 7. #peace #paris #astrology #november #mediumship
“THE LAST QUARTER OF 2015 by ClaudiaVannini
2015! You still have something to offer?
We live in October a good moment when Jupiter trines Pluto. A joyful month with renewed hopes. It is a stage for the payment of debts, financial reorganization of countries and companies. There is greater movement of money and good profits in European stock markets. For those who waited for a good time, this is the time to expand its assets. A globally powerful person acts to minimize the pain of refugees and the world joins to organize the civil war in Syria. We can see, once again, great powers coming into the region to defend human rights. United States and Britain should lead this process and the door is open for further confrontations in the future.
November and December are marked by two very contradictory planets. Saturn, always stuck to reality squares Neptune, the planet of idealism and fantasy. At this point, all humanity is called to abandon some dreams to face reality and the price of our actions in the past. It is a heavy and expected charge, since the self-deception created a fantasy world that, in 2015, appears to be cruel conducted by Mars, planet of war.
The good news comes with Jupiter in Virgo. This astrological transit gives the opportunity to get hyper-focused on the details. Everyone is more perfectionist at work and it’s great for the collective growth.
Jupiter will stay in Virgo until September,2016. The luck-bringer shows the path to be happy when productive. Some confidence will grow about your skills and lucky-breaks will come. All signs can make solid gains, from day-to-day eforts. A small impulse and you simplify your life and your work.
Growth comes from purifying, detoxing and simplifying.
The best results comes from self-improvement, business with organic foods, development of understanding systems,commerce of natural health products, environment solutions, natural methods for pest and disease´s control and all companies that develop products for cleaning and sanitizing.
December is also marked by the Square between Uranus and Pluto which began in 2012. It’s a tense month in which terrorism can cause new victims, especially between December 5th and 12th. We have to remember that Saturn is in Sagittarius during this last three months. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, mythic god of the feast, quite a contrast to self-disciplined Saturn. While Saturn is moving through Sagittarius,
we’ll have time to rethink about faith, religion and politic. Some hopes will be mixed with a heavy dose of realism.
Will it blend? Only if you keep your feet on the ground.
Is the best end of year we ever had?
Certainly not. We are dealing with profound issues that we ignored for decades. Are we going to survive and save capitalism?
Yes, since this is our opportunity to collective change and creating an egalitarian capitalist world. There is no place for selfishness in the new Era.
Who persevere in egocentrism will be doomed to die in isolation.
This applies to companies, governments and emotional relationships. Have a transformer end of year with harmony and peace in your life. NAMASTE
ClaudiaVannini Sep,04th,2015″

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