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August, 22nd and the #WEEK by ClaudiaVannini

august22nd englishAstrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini – August, 22nd and the #WEEK

#MONDAY is active and a positive day. At 9:09 AM GMT, Mercury and Jupiter are in conjunction in Virgo. We feel optimistic when we wake up and have ability to achieve and communicate. Everyday life seems simple, it works to our eyes like a gear. We may think, why didn’t we realized it was so simple? This brings cheerfulness from Virgo to the week and many plans finally get out of the paper. It is a day of achievement in the earth element. In businesses and offices, the ideas come easily and we must look not to over extend the scenario. Jupiter makes everything grow. At 4h38PM GMT, the Sun enters Virgo. Congratulations, #VIRGOS! You are the majority on the Planet and make things happen. Today is no different. The positive influence of you makes us pay more attention to detail and nothing goes blank. Who works with data analysis, spreadsheets, Chemistry or Pharmaceutical industry and Accounting can prepare for a full month of charges. The Moon connects to the Sun and communication between men and women happens. After 10h30PM we face the Full #Moon in Taurus. Here begins a good week for #investors. Time to sell a lot and move the #Money. Retail trade feel acceleration in prices, but also feel optimistic movement of people. Who knows how to negotiate, will sell well. Signs in a good mood this Monday CANCER LEO PISCE TAURUS ARIES SAGITTARIUS GEMINI VIRGO SCORPIO

#TUESDAY is full of tensions. Avoid too many commitments until 6PM. There is cloudiness in the air. Violence in the world between 8AM and 11PM.

#WEDNESDAY is a good day for sale or purchase of real estate, cars and changing investments. There is conflict between what we want and what the Law commands. It is a stagnant day in several respects. Do not confront authorities, teachers, principals, or people who are in some kind of command.

#THURSDAY Enteres the Waning Moon in Gemini. Let’s wipe the extra pounds left over. Time to improve the diet. The mood is tense and is very heavy after 8PM. Pluto and Moon clash. Collect yourself because there is violence in the astral.

#FRIDAY Still complicated, but Uranus and Moon can turn relationships surprisingly, saving the day. It is possible to produce in the chaos and there are chances of profits on investments. Stay on the alert not to miss good opportunities that arise in minutes.

Be happy on Earth

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