August,29th by ClaudiaVannini

august 29th and the eclipse

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini – August, 29th 2016 and the WEEK

#MONDAY With Venus in Libra and in conjunction to Mercury. Saturn walks free, light and loose and makes good positioning with the Moon in Leo. It is a day of strict application of the Laws. Lawyers and people working with laws act firmly and quickly. This climate of order and fulfillment is stronger between 6PM GMT on Monday and 11AM GMT on Tuesday. Complaints and verbal attacks on all Planet mark this Moon cycle in Leo. This Moon tried to end the discord cycle on 29th of July, but failed. It returns now in the same position, with Mercury and Venus support. Communication is clear and full of detail. After 1AM GMT of the 30th, people can go to physical assault to prove their ideas. It is time for ego control and control of the fire element, which is exalted throughout the night. Keep your routine, because there is power for good works during the Waning Moon. Take the opportunity to deal with difficult people using libra’s good will. All signs are in a good mood on Monday.

#TUESDAY surprises after 9PM GMT and there is more struggle for power. It is a day with good production in which the ego must be controlled. Unstable markets with rapid gains.

#WEDNESDAY Is a day of fulfillment. The plans are realized on the material plane and there is excess of earth element in the astral. Keep flexibility in mind.

#THURSDAY With New #Moon in Virgo and Solar #Eclipse at 9:03 AM GMT. Use this day to plan your future and organize the next 6 months. Keep a soft diet and avoid risky activities.

#FRIDAY is a  creative day with good chances in business, marketing and expansion projects. Work intensely. High yields.

Be happy on Earth

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