‪#‎CONFIRMATION‬ of the exclusive ‪#‎foresight‬ through ‪#‎wormhole‬ by ClaudiaVannin #northkorea

‪#‎CONFIRMATION‬ of the exclusive ‪#‎foresight‬ through ‪#‎wormhole‬ by ClaudiaVannini published on Eluxe Magazine
Read what I wrote and the CNN´s link.”The North Korea suffers harsh punishment from richer countries and will be isolated again by their contradictory actions.”
And for JULY, 6th, I wrote here: Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini – July, 6th – MOON in LEO
“Day to apply the law! Saturn is well positioned and lawsuits resolve quickly.‪#‎Lawyers‬ live a special day with opportunities to move their processes. The Moon in Leo accentuates the power and warrants can be immediately dispatched in the early hours of the day. Teachers and school principals undergo a day of application of the Internal Regulations.”ClaudiaVannini
‪#‎CONFIRMAÇÃO‬ da previsão publicada na Europa sobre as punições que a Coreia do Norte sofreria pelos países ricos por suas ações conturbadas, Hoje o Presidente Obama restringiu ações comerciais éla violação dos Direitos Humanos na região. Mais uma ação que reforça a aplicação da Lei com severidade em 06 de Julho, 2016.

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