‪#‎Confirmação‬ do ‪#‎buracodeminhoca‬ escrito em Out,2015 – ‪#‎Confirmation‬ of the ‪#‎wormhole‬ published on November,2015 – Refugees in Europe US

‪#‎Confirmação‬ do ‪#‎buracodeminhoca‬ escrito em Out,2015 em que eu vi os refugiados da Síria morrendo por pneumonia e comparei com os campos de exterminio da Segunda Guerra. Hoje vem a confirmação: UM TERÇO dos refugiados está infectado por TUBERCULOSE. Na época, a‪#‎previsão‬ foi tão chocante que apenas a editora alemã Shari Inessa Virton teve coragem de publicar na íntegra a matéria que enviei. Você pode confirmá-la, relendo em http://www.whatweadore.com/political-personal-forecast-for…/
‪#‎Confirmation‬ of the ‪#‎wormhole‬ published on November,2015 about the epidemies I saw killing people during the winter. The editor´s of What We Adore Magazine published the entire text, just in Germany, scratching old wounds. Read some part of the foresight and after you can see the complete foresight at http://www.what we adore.com 
” Refugees in Europe fall ill and are handled by international aid groups, since they are seen as a source of epidemic viral pneumonia. It’s a sad moment in history, when we see the concentration fields of the World War II again. An opportunity to rethink about human values and how much we really evolved in the last 70 years.” ClaudiaVannini, November, 2015, wrote on October,2015


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