‪#‎confirmação‬ do alerta de terrorismo por ‪#‎buracodeminhoca‬ 03 de Junho – #confirmation of terrorism alert june, 3rd

‪#‎confirmação‬ do alerta de terrorismo por ‪#‎buracodeminhoca‬ postado ontem sobre o dia 03 de Junho. 50 mil habitantes, 20 mil crianças sem alimento, água ou remédios após o ataque da coalisão anti terrorismo que bombardeou Falluja hoje. Que este povo encontre paz

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini – June, 3rd 
Between 6PM GMT, June 3rd to 5AM GMT, June 04th there is a warning for violence, destruction and‪#‎terrorism‬. Violence alert for the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Do not expose yourself, understand that some days the transformations on the planet are made by the energy of shocking events. Is it abscence of divine protection? Never! We are never alone and never will be. As a evolving Planet , we still have to deal with the results of our actions. We not always enjoy what we reap


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